When it comes to hiring the right beer attorney, you can never go wrong with a thorough vetting process. But what is it, exactly, you should be looking for in the selection of an attorney for your brewery or business?

Whether you’re operating a brewery, brewpub, bar or craft beer bottling company, you’re running a business. And like any other business owner out there, you’re more than likely going to run into issues — both legal and otherwise.

The “right” attorney

Selecting the right beer attorney for your business shouldn’t be just about the bottom line and the cheapest option — but rather, you should prioritize how the legal team “fits” with your business.

A proper lawyer, when working with your brewery or business, should:

  • Be an advocate for your products and business
  • Help identify and mitigate potential risks
  • Provide sound counsel
  • Be considered a trusted source for you and your team

It’s OK to be “picky”

You wouldn’t buy brewing equipment or products from a sales representative that didn’t know their product, would you? The same applies to your business when selecting a beer attorney.

While you could go with cheap options or local attorneys, the best, most efficient option is to go with an attorney that specializes in breweries, brew pubs and other businesses within the industry.

About Drumm Law

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