Webster’s Dictionary defines trademarks as….. Just kidding.
Your Brewery. Your beers. Your logos. All trademarks.

The Beer Attorneys work with you to protect your brands (and still have money left over to purchase the good hops for your IPAs). Why should you use The Beer Attorneys to handle all of your trademark needs? Simple. We know trademarks …and beer. From IPAs to stouts, from hop puns to pop culture references, we can guide you on the path to brand protection.

For the same price as non-lawyer trademark websites, we will work with you to file your beer trademarks to achieve the broadest protection. We can also help you clear a name. We use proprietary software to search the United States Patent and Trademark Office database and perform a web search to locate unregistered trademarks. And of course we can prepare, file, and prosecute the application.

You sometimes have to bring out the sword and stop others from using your trademark and sometimes you pull out the shield to protect your right to use a trademark. From David and Goliath battles to working out amicable solutions among peers, we are here to help you with your trademark disputes.